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Where It All Started, For Me:

The first trip to the Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular can be described as many MANY things.


MIND-BLOWING would absolutely be THE best way to describe the birthplace of the legal cannabis movement and the humble beginnings of the amazing industry that we proudly get to call our own. 


Just the IDEA of walking into a coffee shop and openly purchasing AND consuming the one and only SCURGE of 1937. Yes, the dreaded "Marihuana", "The Devil's Weed" and my personal favorite "The Smoke Of Hell". 

A LOT has changed as the world has FINALLY come to embrace and appreciate nature's most perfect plant and it's absolutely limitless potential.


Filming in and around coffee shops was a BIG no no, so unfortunately, that visual history has to stay locked upstairs. 


Thankfully, there is a lot more beauty to the city of Amsterdam than just the weed.


Here's a collection of images from my first trip to a place which broaden my mind to a whole new world of possibilities.


Even if I didn't know it, and that world didn't quite exist YET.


Can't wait to see where this ride takes us all, and I hope to cross paths in the future. 


Be Well, My Friends. 

- Aaron W.




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