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Xhosa origin: to "Light / Illuminate / Shine / Brighten"


Cookies - Cereal Milk

Sativa Hybrid - Pre-Roll

16% THC

Strain Details:

This tasty and totally pleasing hybrid is a cross of Y Life  (The Y) (Cookies x Cherry Pie) and Snowman, a sativa-dominant Cookies pheno. Cereal Milk, sometimes called Cereal & Milk, is a delightful and tasty offering of well balanced effects and a flavor that reminds you of the milk at the bottom of that sugar cereal you couldn't wait to drink!


Breeder: Powerzzzup

Aroma: Creamy, fruity with a hint of gas

Taste: Sweet sugar cream

Experience: Relaxed body feel with a happy head high

Cookies - White Runtz

50/50 Hybrid - Pre-Roll

20.76% THC 0.09% CBD

Strain Details:

White Runtz is a potent hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez. White Runtz produces long-lasting effects that are relaxing and tingly. This strain features a sweet flavor profile that coats your senses. White Runtz is noted for having striking white trichomes that make its buds look white like snow. Medical marijuana patients choose White Runtz to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic painanxiety and stress.

Genetics: Gelato x Zkittlez

Original Breeder: Runtz

Aroma: Earthy Citrus Accented by Sweet Fruits

Taste: Sweet and Fruity

Experience: Relaxing High that is Long Lasting

Produced by MassGrow LLC of Athol, Massachusetts

Packaged by Pioneer Valley Extracts LLC of Northampton, Massachusetts 

Available at Temescal Wellness of Hudson, Massachusetts 




+1(617) 710-9094

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